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Strategic Management 101 with Dr. Sharon Jumper


In this course, you will learn the essentials of strategic management: formulation, implementation, and evaluation of an organization's strategic plan. Use of public access research sources and quantitative tools for decision-making will help you make decisions that are rooted in facts, not intuition. During the course, you will actually create a Strategic Plan, from start to finish, in order to see the planning process first hand. You'll also create a multimedia presentation for investors concerning your findings and proposals. It is a valuable course for current or aspiring business owners or managers.


Babb Academy

Babb Academy brings individuals, teams, and organizations the best training features, and customized courses by highly skilled subject matter experts..


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    Linda Smith
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Babb Academy launches on VCamp360 LMS Platform

Written by Dani Babb  /  Published: Wednesday, April 29 2015

Vcamp360 was chosen as the learning management system (LMS) of choice for Babb Academy and included in a review of learning management systems in the book Make Money Teaching Online 2nd edition

In my book Make Money Teaching Online 2nd edition, I focused on presenting information to help educators get started with their first online teaching job, grow their workload, and to earn a six-figure salary working from anywhere. As a natural extension to The Babb Group, Inc (where we help educators find jobs and universities with school services), we created Babb Academy. When selecting a learning management system to power the new Babb Academy, there was a clear winner - the VCamp360 platform.

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