Vcamp360 was chosen as the learning management system (LMS) of choice for Babb Academy and included in a review of learning management systems in the book Make Money Teaching Online 2nd edition

In my book Make Money Teaching Online 2nd edition, I focused on presenting information to help educators get started with their first online teaching job, grow their workload, and to earn a six-figure salary working from anywhere. As a natural extension to The Babb Group, Inc (where we help educators find jobs and universities with school services), we created Babb Academy. When selecting a learning management system to power the new Babb Academy, there was a clear winner - the VCamp360 platform.

When envisioning Babb Academy, we knew we wanted to reach professionals, students, professors and trade professionals to help them with continuing education, master a new profession, find professors and classes to help with studies at a college, and create custom training for businesses and colleges. With this huge undertaking, we had our work cut out for us. We began working with the best subject matter experts on our team - and Savant Learning Systems as our business partner. We have deployed a learning experience like no other. Cutting through the red tape of learning, we use VCamp360's Read, Attend, Discuss, Complete model of learning mastery and retention.

The lesser known LMS has huge advantages. It's flexible, adaptable, straight forward, easy to navigate, and allows instructors to focus their time on instructing and helping students master material instead of finding edit buttons and gradebook features. 24x7 technical support means all of our students, professionals, educators and clients have real time access to a live human, not a call center that will log the problem and call you back in the morning. Elements that have been shown to improve learning retention are easy to use, such as video uploads and chats with learners. In my book, I interviewed other professors and reviewed the major learning management systems, all of which were potential partners in this endeavor. The intuitive instructional model of VCamp360 was unparalleled in our view.

At Babb Academy, we have simplified the online learning process and have made the best instructors accessible to everyone. We custom create curriculum, training and tutorials for businesses and universities. The LMS interface you will use on Babb Academy is modeled after the way people have naturally been learning for centuries. We are excited to partner with Savant and to bring Babb Academy to the marketplace.

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Dani BabbDr. Dani Babb

Dr. Dani Babb, Founder of Babb Academy and instructor, has been teaching since the 1990s online and works with online educators to deliver the best possible quality courses and curriculum to students, teams and professionals. Dani has 15 years experience in information technology, where she worked her way from help desk technician to VP of IT for a multimillion dollar Fortune 500 company. Dani's PhD is in Organizational Leadership with a Technology Emphasis, and her Masters is in Business with a Technology specialization. After leaving the tech industry as an employee and becoming an online educator and business owner, Dani wrote the first-ever book on how to get started teaching online, now in its second edition. To help jumpstart a new teaching career, Dani teaches a course on getting started teaching online, and how to begin your career as an online educator that you can find here on Babb Academy.

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