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Increase your productivity, organize your digital and handwritten documents, go paperless in your office, collaborate your workflow, create and show presentations, record meetings, save web-based research and much more by learning how to use Evernote effectively. Learn basic to advanced methods for integrating Evernote in every facet of your life.

4 modules and 28 concise videos (most under 5 minutes) show you step by step instructions, best practices, and ideas for using Evernote on your desktop, laptop, and smartphone. Screenshots and written instructions included.


Get rid of clutter. Go paperless. Get organized.

Remember and FIND important information with ease when you need it. Learn the easy way with short videos, screenshots, and written instructions. Go from beginner to advanced with Evernote and integrated Evernote apps - all in one place.

Learn how to:

  • Become more productive with creating, collecting, and storing information
  • Create notes and notebooks
  • Create shared notebooks
  • Use and sort by tags
  • Create checklists and itineraries
  • Create presentations
  • Add notices and alarms
  • Annotate and mark up notes
  • Create Table of Contents notes
  • Print your documents to Evernote
  • Collaborate with others inside notebooks or notes
  • Save handwritten notes, documents, and post-it notes
  • Forward email to Evernote to store important messages
  • Search for words contained in PDFs, handwritten notes, scanned documents, and typed notes
  • Mark up and store favorite webpages for offline viewing later using the Web Clipper
  • Use "If This Then That" program to automate Evernote functions
  • Use Evernote with Skitch, Feedly, and more
  • Pair Evernote with RSS features
  • Use Evernote with your Smartphone
  • Use your smartphone to scan documents to Evernote
  • Record Skype calls, interviews, and live meetings
  • Create Maps for your travel destinations and view them offline
  • Transcribe your voice memos with your smartphone directly into Evernote

Your Instructor

Tara RossDr. Tara Ross

​I'm Dr. Tara Ross, and am an author, branding specialist and college professor.​ I wrote the social media bestsellers, Social Media Mastery and Social Networking Success. ​I run the Laptop Lifestyle Academy, teaching courses for busy professionals who want to develop their business skills so they can develop a Laptop Lifestyle. I also guide those who want to create digital products (ebooks, online courses, and website content) for their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

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