Hello! My name is Ira Lovitch and I am excited about being the facilitator for your Small Business Entrepreneurship course here at Babb Academy for two main reasons. First, I thoroughly enjoy the unique challenges and rewards of teaching in an online environment. Secondly, I am pleased to associate myself with an cutting edge educational group that strives to enhance the way learning takes place in courses related to business, marketing and management.

I am a seasoned executive team leader and entrepreneur with expertise in sales, marketing and business development. I have successfully deployed organizational start up and development strategies for over 20 years in a wide range of markets and industries, locally, nationally and globally. In addition, I teach economics, marketing and business courses on ground and online for a variety of colleges and universities. I received my MBA from the University of Phoenix with an emphasis in Technology Management, and my BA from the California State University.


With deference to my wonderful wife and family, there is no more gratifying experience than I receive from a student when it is apparent that I have been the catalyst for their growth and development. On the personal side, I am applying daily the lessons learned from life to be better husband, father, friend and citizen of this great nation. My favorite pastimes include travel and music. I am an amateur songwriter and guitar player, and love to perform when asked. Sometimes, I even compose jingles and theme songs for my business clients.

I am truly excited to begin our Small Business Entrepreneurship course, and look forward to getting to know all of you.

So…Let’s Start it Up! – Professor Ira


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