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Our instructors are experts in their fields, authors, professors, experienced industry professionals, television commentators, speakers and highly respected experts. Our instructors, subject matter experts and instructional designers are committed to the concept of removing the red tape from education, providing a streamlined platform for students to focus on learning, and delivering the highest quality content in the most efficient way.

We are always looking for new and creative courses, content, experts and providing a platform for those with a market to deliver their courses in an exceptionally flexible and engaging delivery system. Contact us with your idea(s) for courses or for more information.

Course Creators FAQ

  • How can I suggest a course I want to teach? +

    Contact us and explain what you would like to develop, who you will market the course to and what reach in the market you have. Our team will discuss with you what the options are and we will decide together if we should offer your course.
  • What are the requirements for instructors? +

    You must be able to provide video content as lectures, written lecture content and discussions. You can choose to have your course run passively (students email you with questions, read the lectures and watch the video content) or actively, where you run it is a more traditional online class with interaction, assignments and assessments.
  • How long are the courses I create? +

    Courses can be any length; from three modules to twelve. You decide what is best for your students.
  • What support can I expect? +

    Babb Academy has 24x7 technical support available to all students, learners and trainees.
  • Who are our partners? +

    We have partnered with Savant Learning Systems, the developers of the learning management system VCamp360 for course content and delivery.
  • What can I be paid? +

    After we mutually decide a rate for your course, we will identify a split based on how much marketing we will be doing and your potential reach and marketing efforts. We lead the competition in compensation for instructors.
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